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Elections of Local Unit Officers  (6/4/2015)

It is that time again, ELECTION of OFFICERS.  This Bargaining Unit is open for nominations for CHAIR, CO-CHAIR, SECRETARY, TREASURER, and GRIEVANCE OFFICER.  This notice will be posted for 15 days.  When we have a slate of candidates, we will send out your ballots in the mail.  Be sure to fill them out and return in the self-addressed stamped envelope.

Your Local Unit Officers also want you to know that the LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE is the last weekend in September 27, 28, and 29th.  Your officers have decided to sponsor 3, possibly 4 nurses to attend.  If you want to learn how to run your local unit, register now.  Applications are online and let Teresa Moore and/or Colleen Littlejohn know you are interested.  There are a lot of fun things to do around Lake Chelan if you decide to take a little vacation before or after the Conference.

Be sure you stay up-to-date with what is going on with WSNA by going to the website.  You can find out about free webinars for CE credits and many other things that are of interest to you and your practice.

Lastly, think about running for an office in your local unit.  Help strengthen your bargaining unit.  The time commitment is about two (2) hours a month.

Your Local Bargaining Unit Officers, Teresa and Colleen 

Mark Your Calendars!  (3/10/2015)

Mark your calendars for your WSNA Local Unit Meeting on March 25th.  We want to hear from you about your work areas and how things are going.  Are you getting your breaks and lunches as you should per contract and law?  Are there issues that you want your Local Unit Officers to be aware of?

Reminder, that the Washington State Nurses Convention is being held on April 22nd thru the 24th at the Tulalip Convention Center in Tulalip, WA.  There is enough money in your local unit’s account to help defray part of the expenses for attending the Convention.  There will be some nationally known speakers on topics of interest to all nurses, no matter what area you work in.

Plan ahead to attend the Leadership Conference September 28-29 at Campbell’s Resort in Chelan, WA.  Again, there should be funds available to help off-set your expenses.

With the loss of Jennifer Montour and Carolyn McAllister, we need two of you to step up.  We need one Co-Chair and a Secretary.  We can arrange for on-the-job training for anyone who is interested.  

Come join us on March 25th (location will be posted).  Refreshments will be served.

Your Local Unit Officers,
Teresa and Colleen

Attention Morton/Lewis County Hospital LU! Your 2014-2017 Contract is Available.  (8/29/2014)

Your 2014-2017 Contracts are now available. CDs will not be sent.
Click here to view RN contract.  Click here to view LPN contract.  
You can download a copy of the Contract onto all of your personal electronic devices that have PDF capabilities: Laptop, Desktop, Tablet, and Smartphone.

If you have any questions or are in need of a printed copy, please contact WSNA at 1-800-231-8482 or via email at

Pat McClure, WSNA Nurse Representative: 1-800-231-8482, ext. 3110 /

Negotiations Update  (3/7/2014)

Monday, March 3, your Negotiating Team met with Morton Management.  The outcome of that meeting will not be clear until we meet again on Friday, March 14.  The Hospital indicated that they have had very low patient volumes and the new computer system has generated the need for extra staff to cover during the implementation and beyond.  

With that said, it will be very important for the nursing staff to stay up to date on the hospital plans going forward.  There will be an open Hospital Board meeting on March 19, at the hospital.  It will be very important for the nurses to attend.

There will be more to come after the March 14th meeting.

Take the Negotiations Survey Now!  (11/11/2013)

In preparation for your upcoming negotiations be sure to check your Negotiations Survey Questionnaire online.  

To take the survey, click here.
It will be very important to fill out the survey no later than November 20th.  
If you want to be on the Negotiating Team, please do not hesitate to contact one of your Local Unit Officers.

January 2012 Newsletter  (1/30/2012)

Your January 2012 Newsletter is online, click here.

Your Contracts are Ratified!  (2/23/2011)

No take-aways. A good bump in wages.
New steps added to your percentage amount.
Your medical benefits are intact, and
New language assures a premium for
RN National Certification.
Instructors lose no pay while teaching class!

Your negotiating team was awesome!

Watch for new contract discs to come your way.

Tentative Agreement Reached  (2/7/2011)

We have a tentative agreement!  Your negotiating team worked very hard, and management continued to be collaborative.  The team feels we have a good agreement, and once final revisions are walked through by our legal department, we will send out news of the vote.  No take-aways and a few exciting new provisions!  Stay tuned.

Greetings, Nurses of Morton General!  (2/4/2011)

To update you on current events—WSNA and Management met for the first Negotiation Session on January 21, 2011. We outlined our initial proposal. The management team was receptive, and accepted some of the language changes we proposed. That being said, they are stating that economic times are a challenge for Morton Hospital. We will hear their counter proposal on February 4, 2011, and hope for a reasonable offer, as economic times are difficult for nurses, too! Expect updates from WSNA after each session.

Support and encourage your Negotiating Team—they have your best interests in mind!

Founded in 1908, WSNA is the professional organization representing more than 16,000 registered nurses in Washington State. WSNA effectively advocates for the improvement of health standards and availability of quality health care for all people; promotes high standards for the nursing profession; and advances the professional and economic development of nurses.

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