Mara Kieval, BSN, RN

Nurse Representative

Mara Kieval was a labor and delivery nurse before getting involved in grassroots political organizing, leading to a career in labor organizing. On staff at WSNA as a nurse organizer and nurse representative for many years, she loves the opportunity her career affords her to empowering nurses—natural patient advocates—to advocate for their profession and their practice.

This person is currently out of the office and may not receive your message until their return, anticipated to be Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022.

Message from Mara Kieval, BSN, RN

I will be out of the office on leave and not returning until July 5th. In my absence the following nurse representatives will be covering my facilities;

PeaceHealth Southwest – Hanna (until June 27th) Sue Dunlap June 27th-July 5th

Skyline – Bret

Ocean Beach – Michelle

(206) 575-7979, ext. 3051

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