Enhancing Rural Nursing Practice through Distance Learning

18 CNE contact hours

Date / Time

Sep 4, 2019 – Dec 20, 2019 Save to your calendar (.ics file)

Distance Learning Program

Agriculture production provides a spectrum of risks caused by machinery, livestock, weather, chemicals, stress, and a lack of health care access. Farmers and ranchers are part of medically underserved populations with health disparities that correlate with occupational exposures. The sense of urgency to train nurses across the nation has become intense, as they are the front-line resource to disseminate information along with preventing illnesses found in this unique population.

• Integration of Ag Health into Practice
• Special Populations (youth, older adult,
veterans, immigrant and migrant workers)
• Zoonotic Diseases
• Hearing Conservation
• Chemical / Pesticide Exposures
• Women’s Health
• Respiratory Health
• Ergonomics
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Skin Disorders
• Behavioral Health
• Emerging and Regional Issues

- Eighteen hours of training are presented in distance learning format utilizing lecture and power point, interactive question and answers sessions and opportunity for group discussion.

- Continuing nursing education hours (CNE) are provided by Northeast Iowa Community College (Provider #7) and approved by the Iowa Board of Nursing.

- This On-Demand program is also available for those interested in agricultural topics and not requiring continuing nursing education.

COURSE LOGISTICS LENGTH OF COURSE: Classes are offered live on selected dates and are available on On-Demand web-based format. Most live sessions will be scheduled for 60 minutes in length.

RESULTS & IMPLICATION FOR PRACTICE: The learner outcomes include:

• Increased knowledge level on topic areas

• an improved ability to identify and prevent symptoms of agricultural related illnesses

• an ability to identify approved personal protective equipment relative to exposures

• the ability to access clinical and educational resources