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Chris Birchem, RN

We often say that when nurses speak, patients win — this is true at the bedside, at the state capitol and at the ballot box.

I am proud to lead the nonpartisan WSNA-PAC Board and to provide this voter’s guide to WSNA members. I hope this guide is by your side as you fill out your ballot this fall.

This guide and the endorsement decisions contained within represent a thorough endorsement process the WSNA-PAC Board undertook this spring and summer. My fellow board members and I read countless candidate questionnaires, we reviewed incumbents’ voting records on WSNA priority issues and we interviewed more than 35 candidates for the state legislature. (Read more about the transparent process we used to make endorsement decisions.)

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WSNA-PAC has endorsed both Democrats and Republicans for the general election. Each endorsement is representative of the candidate’s commitment to nursing and patient safety issues. We were clear with each candidate about the legislative priorities WSNA will pursue in 2019. Endorsed candidates have committed to support those priorities.

As the Chair of the WSNA-PAC Board, I see the way nurses stand up for patients through their political engagement. It happens through monthly contributions to the WSNA-PAC (you can contribute at It happens when nurses volunteer to interview candidates for elected office and when nurses volunteer to help get out the vote by writing postcards, by making phone calls and by talking with voters at the door.

In 2018, we know that getting out the vote is more important than ever. In these last days before the general election, check in with the candidates WSNA-PAC has endorsed — they need your support to ensure voters in their district turn in their ballots. You can contact the campaigns directly to volunteer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide (see the table of contents below) to vote and to mobilize your family, friends and colleagues.

Onward to November!