Don't let them silence us

Efforts by the ultra-wealthy and anti-worker corpo­ra­tions are changing labor laws for public sector nurses. These efforts by outside special interest groups are designed to make it more diffi­cult for nurses to be members of our union. These groups also fund organi­za­tions like the Freedom Founda­tion”, who use tricky tactics to try and convince nurses to drop their union member­ship. By attempting to reduce our member­ship, they are hoping to silence our collec­tive voice and limit our power. These are attacks on our ability to advocate for ourselves, our patients and quality afford­able healthcare.

We will not be silenced. We are fighting back by commit­ting to maintain our union member­ship. We are commit­ting to stand united together as nurses who care for each other and the future of our profes­sion. Take a stand for your right to speak up together by signing the WSNA Re-Commit­ment card here. 

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You have the power to make a difference

Will you stand with me? Like you, I’m a regis­tered nurse, and I need to warn you that there is a war being waged on our ability to advocate for our profes­sion and our patients.”

Just say no

If someone asks you to drop your member­ship in your union, just say no. It only serves to weaken your union and vastly diminish your ability to work on solutions to problems like safe staffing, workplace violence, and nurse and patient safety. Every nurse matters.