We met on Feb. 19, 2020, for our seventh negoti­a­tion session. We have responded to the employer’s proposals on reduc­tion in force that would have under­mined your seniority in the name of equity and social justice with our own proposal on organi­za­tional equity and inclu­sion.

Your bargaining team believes that the WSNA proposal is a much more compre­hen­sive and fair approach at creating justice in the workplace while protecting seniority. We made a proposal on inclement weather for mission-critical employees.

We spent lots of time talking about the county’s proposal on the pilot program of Flex Patterns for KCCF.

KCCF staff: KCCF staff, check your home emails for additional commu­ni­ca­tion about work group partic­i­pa­tion.

From your negoti­ating team, Paul Kunkel, Jane Storrs, Tami Nesler, Carolyn Clark and Melissa Fukunaga

Questions? Contact your WSNA Nurse Reps Sue O’Donnell at sodonnell@​wsna.​org or Hanna Welander at hwelander@​wsna.​org.