We have all been horri­fied at Astria’s callous and ruthless decision to close ARMC. The closure has left our commu­nity without a criti­cally impor­tant health care provider. Tragi­cally, the COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the devas­tating loss to the Yakima Valley that occurred when ARMC closed its doors.

Astria’s decision to close ARMC had a partic­u­larly devas­tating impact on its employees who lost jobs without any notice. WSNA nurses had worked for years to help ARMC survive while simul­ta­ne­ously serving the health needs of the commu­nity. Every­body involved deserved much better.

WSNA has invested heavily in a legal campaign to defend the rights of nurses who have been unfairly impacted by the sudden closure. As a result of this pressure, Astria finally came to the bargaining table to settle the dispute. We are pleased to announce that Astria has agreed to a settle­ment to provide compen­sa­tion to affected nurses. A lawsuit was never going to reverse the injus­tice of Astria’s decision to close the medical center and this settle­ment involves compro­mises from both sides. Never­the­less, your Local Unit Officers and WSNA’s Cabinet on Economics and General Welfare believe that a negoti­ated settle­ment is prefer­able to protracted litiga­tion with no guarantee of success.

Under the terms of the agree­ment, the settle­ment amount is confi­den­tial until the agree­ment is approved by the Bankruptcy Court. We expect that approval to come within the next few weeks.

Once the Court approves the settle­ment, we will contact you to arrange for the delivery of your check. We under­stand that many of you have relocated during the last 8 months. Please provide updated contact infor­ma­tion to WSNA at membership@wsna.org.

This has been a long and painful journey. This settle­ment will not undo the frustra­tion and chaos experi­enced by ARMC nurses. We do hope that it will provide some relief and allow ARMC nurses to close a challenging chapter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jayson Dick at 206 – 858-2139.