WSNA is continuing to utilize all available tools to protect the interests of Astria nurses while Astria moves through the bankruptcy process. Recent examples of this work include:

  1. Carefully monitoring bankruptcy filings and other developments related to Astria’s ongoing attempts to reorganize.
  2. Filing grievances and claims in bankruptcy court to protect nurses’ interests in accrued PTO/vacation time.
  3. Filing a WARN suit over Astria’s failure to give legally required notice before closing ARMC

In the meantime, we encourage all nurses to remain vigilant by checking your 401(k) accounts and HSA accounts. You should make sure that all money deducted from your paycheck has been deposited in the proper accounts. While we are not expecting any problems, we would like to know of any concerns as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jayson Dick at 206-858-2139.