The Washington State Nurses Foundation provides grants and scholarships which:

  • Provide financial assistance to qualified students currently enrolled in a community college, baccalaureate or advanced degree nursing program in Washington state
  • Encourage and provide for continuing diversity within the nursing profession
  • Aid and support clinics, seminars, workshops and institute programs for professional nurses, other health workers, and members of the public
  • Encourage recruitment of qualified persons into the nursing profession
  • Aid and support development of continuing education programs for professional nurses
  • Disseminate informationon nursing and related subjects to the public
  • Provide a means for publication of books, pamphlets, brochures , monographs, articles and other printed or audiovisual materials to assist nurses, clients and others in rendering or obtaining better nursing care
  • Encourage participation of members in public and health profession seminars, workshops and institutes

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The Washington State Nurses Foundation (WSNF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) established in 1982 as a separate entity from WSNA. Our mission is to acquire and develop funds for clinical, literary, scientific and educational advancement of the nursing profession. Funds are used to support projects and activities that promote nursing and its role in the health care community.