Since 1999, the Foundation has given out more than $125,000 in scholarships to more than 115 students at schools of nursing located around the state.

Nursing scholarships for currently enrolled nursing students who have completed 12-15 nursing credits leading to a nursing degree (undergraduate, RN-B, graduate) are awarded annually.

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The Foundation works to advance the nursing profession and facilitate nursing’s contribution to the health of the community by:

  • Distributing funds to increase public and professional knowledge and understanding of professional nursing, its science and its art,
  • Providing an educational and charitable organization for individuals and groups dedicated to the support of the profession of nursing,
  • Providing a means for soliciting, receiving and making financial and other contributions to the profession of nursing and
  • Supporting and assisting the profession of nursing in maintaining and improving the quality of its services to the public.

How are funds used?

The Foundation provides grants and scholarships which:

  • Provide financial assistance to qualified students currently enrolled in a community college, baccalaureate or advanced degree nursing program in Washington State,
  • Encourage and provide for continuing diversity within the nursing profession,
  • Aid and support clinics, seminars, workshops, and institute programs for professional nurses, other health workers, and members of the public,
  • Encourage recruitment of qualified persons into the nursing profession and / or
  • Support nurses who may have a financial need.

Why give? What are the benefits to the donor, the profession and the public?

Join the many nurses and friends of nursing who are interested in supporting the Foundation. You will have a part in directly recruiting new or returning nurses and helping nurses to advance their education, thereby improving nursing care, and improving health in communities.

Ways to donate

Every person has different priorities and preferences. WSNF offers a number of options for giving to match your situation. Examples include:

  • Gifts of cash or stock,
  • Annual pledges,
  • Employer contribution match,
  • Donations made from 401K retirement payouts which count toward your annual minimum distribution and
  • Planned giving through endowments such as life insurance policies or bequests in a will, charitable gift annuity or trust.

We advise you to consult an attorney, accountant, or financial planner regarding planned giving and the tax advantages of charitable gifts. Both you and the Foundation can benefit.

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The Washington State Nurses Foundation (WSNF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) established in 1982 as a separate entity from WSNA. Our mission is to acquire and develop funds for clinical, and educational advancement of the nursing profession.