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The contract has been ratified! (10/14/2015)

  • Please thank your negotiating team for volunteering their time and doing such a great job.
  • Your new contract will be posted to the website in the near future.
  • If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact:

Debi Bessmer, RN WSNA Nurse Representative
1-800-231-8482 Ext. 3112

Contract Ratification Vote - Oct 13th (10/08/2015)

Contract Highlights – Summary

Your Bargaining Team Recommends A “Yes” Vote - Ratification of this Contract

Tentative Agreements Reached

Economic Items

General Wage Increases for all represented employees’ as follows:

-3.5% first full pay period following ratification
-1.75% effective January 1, 2016
-1.50% effective June 1, 2016
-3.25% effective June 1, 2017

Bonus: Following effective date of this Agreement, regular full time and regular part time nurses will receive a one- time lump sum bonus of $400 prorated by FTE (less required withholding)

Non-Economic Items

Reduced Probationary time period for all nurses - Probationary time is reduced to 90 days (from prior 6 months), but may be continued with notice to the nurse pursuant to Section 8.1.

Nurses are no longer obligated to find weekend replacement

New definition of Preceptor

Preceptors will have their productivity expectations adjusted for preceptor work.

New seniority based system for new positions that open up in different geographic areas.

New Voluntary Night on Call Pilot Program – We have a new Night on Call Pilot Program testing whether night on call can be done by volunteers. Night On Call Team nurses will meet quarterly to fill in the on call schedule. This Pilot Program will be reviewed by the Conference Committee. Either WSNA or PVNA may call an end to the Pilot should volunteer on call staffing be insufficient. Night on call on your day off is voluntary unless there are insufficient volunteers to fill that day. Importantly, Nurses working night on call must provide notice if you need to come in late the next day. You know your capabilities best. No longer need management approval for this.

Medical benefits now available for nurses working 20 hours per pay period and above.

Nurse Practice Committee will operated more balanced with mutually developed agendas and co-chairs (Management and WSNA)

Only bargaining unit members are eligible to vote. If you are unclear about your eligibility or would like to become a bargaining unit member, please contact the membership department at WSNA directly at 1-800-231-8482 or as soon as possible to find out how.

Negotiation Update (09/22/2015)

  • We had our 6th day of negotiations on September 17th, and after many hours and hard work from your negotiating team, we are eager to tell you that you have a tentative agreement.
  • Please thank your WSNA negotiation team for all of their hard work, hours and dedication.
  • We are now in the process of reviewing language and getting the contract finalized.
  • We are also working on getting a date for you to vote on the contract. Your WSNA negotiation team and attorney will be present at the vote to review the changes and answer any questions.

Thanks for all of your support and unity during these negotiations.

Negotiations Update (08/14/2015)

  • Your Negotiation Team just had its fifth day of bargaining. Through great effort, we have made some progress.
  • We still have some significant issues that will require more work and persistence.
  • We have an extension for our contract through August 31, 2015.
  • Our next negotiation date is set for August 31st and we hope to be able to give you more details after that.

Thanks for all of your support and unity during these negotiations. Please thank your Negotiation Team for all of their tough work.

Negotiation Update (07/15/2015)

Your negotiation team has had four days of bargaining. We are yet to receive management’s proposal on health insurance. We are also waiting for responses and information on several significant issues on the table.

Fair market wages and the proposed change in overtime are still a huge challenge.

We have an extension for our contract through August 31, 2015 and we are working on setting our next negotiation date.

Thanks for all of your support and unity during these negotiations. Please watch your mail and email closely for further actions.

Negotiation Update – Local Unit Meeting (06/04/2015)

  • Your negotiation team has had two days of bargaining. We are yet to receive management’s full proposal. We are still waiting on proposals from management for hours of work and overtime, PTO/EIB, unpaid leaves of absence, and insurance programs.
  • Fair market wages are going to be a huge challenge. The time has come to respect home health care nurses and catch up your below market wages!

Please Join us for a local unit meeting to discuss negotiations and future actions:

June 9th, 2015


Frankie Doodles Restaurant
30 E. 3rd Ave.
Spokane, WA

WSNA Local Unit Meeting (01/09/2015)

We are heading into contract negotiations, so please come and help us prepare.

January 21st, 2015


Frankie Doodles Restaurant
30 E. 3rd Ave, Spokane, WA

Debi Bessmer, BSN, RN
WSNA Nurse Rep
1-800-231-8482, Ext. 3112

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