Professional Nursing and Health Care Council

The Professional Nursing and Health Care Council is responsible for addressing issues of nursing practice that have been identified by members of the nursing profession and the public. Primary focus is given to the adherence to ethical, professional and legal standards of nursing practice. The Council collaborates with other nursing and specialty organizations on issues on nursing and other health care concerns. The Council meets at least three times a year and reports to the WSNA Board of Directors.

Members of the Council (2019-21)

Chuck Cumiskey, MBA, BSN, RN
WSNA District 13
Suzanne Scott
Member, Administration
WSNA District 13
Heather Stephen Selby
Member, Education
WSNA District 2
Vesna Jovanovich
Member, Ethics and Human Rights
Mercer Island
WSNA District 2
Jennifer Reinhardt, BSN, RN
Member, Practice
Bonney Lake
WSNA District 3
Anne Hirsch, PhD, ARNP
Member, Research
WSNA District 2
Rayanne Lilley, BSN, RN
Member At-Large
WSNA District 4
Lynnette Vehrs, MN, RN
WSNA President
WSNA District 4
Sally Watkins, PhD, RN
WSNA Executive Director
Gig Harbor
Mathew Keller, JD, BSN, RN
WSNA Director of Nursing Practice & Health Policy