Safe staffing

Ensuring safe nurse staffing is a top priority for WSNA.

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Ensuring safe nurse staffing is a top priority for WSNA.

We know, and research confirms, that inadequate nurse staffing leads to medical errors, poorer patient outcomes, nurse burnout and injuries to nurses. Our approach to improving nurse staffing is multifaceted, encompassing legislation and policy, staffing committee tools, education and the latest research.

Legislation and policy

2023 staffing law

In 2023, WSNA worked closely with our partners in the WA Safe + Healthy Coalition to help pass a more effective safe staffing bill, SB 5236.

Frequently asked questions

See answers to frequently asked questions about the 2023 staffing law.

Past achievements

The 2017 Staffing Transparency and Accountability Act, which amends the 2008 staffing law to hold hospitals accountable for nurse staffing plans the work of the staffing committee.

Research consistently confirms that safe nurse staffing is critical to quality of care and patient safety.

We’ve compiled the most significant research supporting safe staffing that you can use to make the case for safe staffing in your hospital and with policymakers.

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