Strategic priorities

WSNA’s strategic priorities and objectives focus the association’s resources on priority goals that advance our mission of providing leadership for the nursing profession and promoting quality health care.

Health access

Ensure people can attain their highest level of health and receive the right care by the appropriate provider, in the right place, at an affordable cost.

Key objectives

  • Increase nursing workforce recruitment and retention
  • Preserve access to care at reasonable costs
  • Secure public health funding
  • Support state and federal laws to preserve health access

Safe staffing

Achieve safe nurse staffing in all settings to ensure health and optimize quality of care.

Key objectives

  • Ensure uninterrupted rest and meal breaks
  • Make implementation of 2017 staffing law work for nurses
    • Development of guidelines, forms, training with union & employer stakeholders
    • Maintain accurate roster of staffing committee members
    • Implement online staffing complaint form
    • Negotiate enhanced staffing language in contracts
    • Provide training for nurses on staffing committees and plans
    • Track staffing complaints and Department of Health staffing plan filings

Nursing practice and patient safety

Advance nursing practice to promote patient safety and ensure nurses’ ability to practice to the full extent of their training and education to deliver optimal care.

Key objectives

  • Advance member understanding of the culture of safety and how they can promote the culture of safety in their facilities
  • Track quality outcome (including nursing sensitive indicator data reported to Health Care Authority and Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
  • Enhance WSNA’s continuing nursing education offerings
  • Advance nursing practice with focus on nurse delegation, telehealth and long-term care
  • Strengthen WSNA’s collaborations with nursing specialty organizations

Membership growth and engagement

Remain the leading voice and advocate for the more than 74,000 registered nurses who live and work in Washington state through continued membership growth and active member engagement.

Key objectives

  • Strengthen existing local units

Key objectives – external organizing

  • Organize new units/facilities
  • Increase professional association membership

Key objectives – engagement

  • Develop and implement PAC fundraising campaigns
  • Increase political/electoral and legislative advocacy participation
  • Improve effective utilization of Facebook
  • Improve website content and architecture

Occupational and environmental health

Promote healthy and safe environments for nurses where they work and where they live.

Key objectives

  • Increase employer compliance with health and safety laws and regulations
  • Address workplace violence prevention and accountability
  • Improve WSNA and RN visibility and involvement in addressing mental health and opioid substance abuse prevention and treatment
  • Increase emergency preparedness of our members and community
  • Increase WSNA engagement in environmental health and safety issues

Association vitality

Strengthen WSNA’s operation, programmatic infrastructure and economic stability to ensure continued success in advancing association priorities.

Key objectives – financial

  • Increase non-dues revenue
  • Strengthen union security in contracts and internal processes

Key objectives – learning and growth

  • Staff development and team building
  • Create and implement a digital transformation plan

Key objectives – internal processes

  • Strengthen internal business processes
  • Improve financial performance
  • Manage threat of legal and legislative attacks on unions