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Licensing and new nurse resources

Welcome to nursing in Washington state! Whether you're newly licensed or considering moving here, these resources can guide your first steps.

Launchpad – resources for new nurses

This guide is designed to ease your transition into the nursing profession in Washington state.

Washington State Board of Nursing

Find essential information on nurse licensure requirements and processes to ensure you’re ready to practice.

The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools

Planning to practice in Washington state from abroad? Discover what you need to know to make your transition smooth.

WSNA staff contact

Education and professional development

Empower your career with continuous learning and professional development opportunities.

Washington State Nurses Foundation – nursing school scholarships

Explore scholarship opportunities to support your education and training in nursing.

WSNA online continuing nursing education

Elevate your nursing skills with our online CNE courses, tailored to meet your learning needs. As a WSNA member, you also gain access to many more free or discounted courses through the American Nurses Association, ensuring you have the resources to thrive professionally.

WSNA publications

Access a wide array of publications supporting your ongoing learning and professional growth.


Utilize this on-demand, online library for healthcare professionals, offering access to research resources, clinical tools, and more.

Washington Center for Nursing

Engage with resources aimed at advancing nursing leadership, education, and workforce development in our state.

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Political / legislative resources

Get involved and make a difference in healthcare policy and nursing practice. Here’s how you can contribute:

Advocacy toolkit

Access resources and information to help you engage in effective advocacy efforts in Olympia and beyond.

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Your membership brings a wealth of support and resources. As a WSNA member you are also a member of a district or regional nurses association as well as the American Nurses Association. If you are a WSNA union member, you're also a member of a local unit and of AFT.

Regional nurses associations

Connect with your regional nurses association for localized support and community engagement.

American Nurses Association

Take advantage of the national resources, continuing education opportunities, and advocacy efforts provided by ANA.

Local unit

For our union members, discover your local unit for collective bargaining and specialized support at your facility.


Explore the broader support and advocacy of the American Federation of Teachers, which provides additional resources and representation for WSNA union members.

Your WSNA membership record

Easily update your personal and professional information to stay connected.

Membership dues FAQ

Have questions about membership dues? Find answers here to understand the financial aspects of your membership.

Professional security and liability

Safeguard your career with comprehensive information on professional liability insurance and resources for managing risks in your practice:

NSO liability insurance 

Learn about the benefits of liability insurance through NSO, endorsed by WSNA, to protect your career against unforeseen professional risks.

If you haven't found the information you were looking for or need further assistance, we're here to help. Please reach out to us for any questions or support.

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