Over the past several weeks your WSNA Officers and Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive have been in conver­sa­tions with Provi­dence HR involving topics specific to a reten­tion bonus LOU (Letter of Under­standing). Letters of Under­stand­ings (similar to MOU’s, Memorandum of Under­standing) are enforce­able agree­ments which become part of your WSNA contract. Over the course of the past month, we have had concerns on the amount of bonus Provi­dence was initially offering other units in their proposals. There­fore, your local unit officers decided to submit an initial proposal that would mirror what other Provi­dence facil­i­ties were offering their nurses. The initial proposal would seek to secure 4x more than what was currently being offered at $1,000 prorated based on FTE. Our ask was rejected, and Provi­dence held firm on their initial $1,000.

While this doesn’t reach the level of sacri­fice you have made, we were glad to secure this bonus and consider it a win for the nurses of PVNA. 

Questions? You may contact your Nurse Rep Jaclyn Smedley BSN, RN at jsmedley@wsna.org.