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Email your legislators below and ask them to pass safe staffing standards

Any healthcare staff working in Washington state right now knows that safe staffing practices are not being followed. Hospitals aren’t listening. It has never been more apparent that the well-being and safety of patients and staff is not a priority for hospital administrators. We must hold hospitals accountable and ask the legislature to pass our safe staffing bill, SB 5236.

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Safe staffing placard

Download a SAFE STAFFING CAN'T WAIT placard below. PLEASE PRINT OUT IN COLOR. If you're a WSNA member posting photos to social media, please use the hashtag: #WSNASafeStaffing

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Fill out this short form to help us demonstrate to the public, the media, and legislators why it is so critical that this bill is passed this session. We are in a staffing crisis now and your stories about what is really happening at the bedside will not reach people unless we share them.

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