Lynnette vehrs

Lynnette Vehrs, MN, RN

Julia barcott

Julia Barcott, RN
Chair, Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare

Sally watkins

Sally Watkins, PhD, RN
Executive Director

Leadership organizational chart #

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Board of Directors, 2019–2021

From left: Susan Glass, Adam Halvorsen, Julia Barcott, Jennifer Graves, Justin Gill, Lynnette Vehrs, Chuck Cumiskey, Verlee Sutherlin, Rosa Young and Christina Bradley. (Judi Lyons not shown).

Board of Directors #

2019 – 2021

Lynnette Vehrs
WSNA District 4

Jennifer Graves
WSNA District 2

Verlee M. Sutherlin
Secre­tary / Treasurer
Nine Mile Falls
WSNA District 4

Julia R. Barcott
Chair, Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare
WSNA District 6

Justin Gill
Chair, Legisla­tive & Health Policy Council
Gig Harbor
WSNA District 3

Chuck Cumiskey
Chair, Profes­sional Nursing & Health Care Council
WSNA District 13

Susan Glass
Member, At-Large
WSNA District 4

Christina Bradley
Member, At-Large
WSNA District 3

Rosa Young
Member, At-Large
WSNA District 2

Adam Halvorsen
Member, At-Large, Staff Nurse
WSNA District 15

Judi Lyons
Member, At-Large, Staff Nurse
WSNA District 18

Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare #

The Cabinet sets prior­i­ties for functions and activ­i­ties of WSNA labor relations, including devel­oping and reviewing policies and proce­dures related to the conduct of the economic and general welfare program.

Professional Nursing & Health Care Council #

The Profes­sional Nursing & Health Care Council is respon­sible for addressing issues of nursing practice that have been identi­fied by members of the nursing profes­sion and the public. Primary focus is given to the adher­ence to ethical, profes­sional and legal standards of nursing practice.

Legislative & Health Policy Council #

The Legisla­tive & Health Policy Council sets the annual health policy and legisla­tive agenda for the Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion and plays an active role in reviewing and advancing WSNA’s legisla­tive prior­i­ties. It also helps set the agenda for WSNA’s annual Advocacy Camp and Lobby Day.

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Bylaws #

General Assembly #

The General Assembly is WSNA’s governing, democ­ratic body; it convenes every two years at WSNA’s Washington State Nurses Conven­tion. Resolu­tions passed by the General Assembly help deter­mine the prior­i­ties of the associ­a­tion, and thereby directly affect the work of WSNA’s Board of Direc­tors and staff for the ensuing biennium. 

Resolutions passed at the 2019 Washington State Nurses Convention #

Regions and districts #

All members of WSNA are also members of the regional or district nurses associ­a­tion that includes their county of residence. Regional and district nurses associ­a­tions are profes­sional organi­za­tions that are unrelated to Local Units and not involved in collec­tive bargaining (union) activities.