Nurses participate in a decontamination training session at Skagit Valley Regional Hospital

The Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion is committed to increasing the prepared­ness of nurses to provide nursing care during periods of disaster or other emergen­cies. Addition­ally, we are engaged in examining various policy questions concerning the delivery of care under crisis and subop­timal condi­tions. Scope of practice, legal and regula­tory impli­ca­tions, as well as the regis­tra­tion, mobiliza­tion and deploy­ment of nurse respon­ders during emergen­cies are some of the areas requiring immediate atten­tion and focus. Promoting individual prepared­ness is also a top priority of the association. 

Emergency Worker Program and Registration #

Estab­lished rules and regula­tions for various classes of emergency workers in the state of Washington including scope of duties, condi­tions under which workers shall be deemed to be on duty and covered by the provi­sions of emergency worker registration:

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These groups ensure that volun­teers have access to training and will be utilized according to the appro­priate response plans: 

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