Emergency preparedness


Nurses participate in a decontamination training session at Skagit Valley Regional Hospital

The Washington State Nurses Association is committed to increasing the preparedness of nurses to provide nursing care during periods of disaster or other emergencies. Additionally, we are engaged in examining various policy questions concerning the delivery of care under crisis and suboptimal conditions. Scope of practice, legal and regulatory implications, as well as the registration, mobilization and deployment of nurse responders during emergencies are some of the areas requiring immediate attention and focus. Promoting individual preparedness is also a top priority of the association.

Emergency Worker Program and Registration #

Established rules and regulations for various classes of emergency workers in the state of Washington including scope of duties, conditions under which workers shall be deemed to be on duty and covered by the provisions of emergency worker registration:

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These groups ensure that volunteers have access to training and will be utilized according to the appropriate response plans:

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  • To support ongoing relief and humanitarian efforts, visit the American Red Cross and donate to the general fund or a specific program.