Camp Korey #

Camp Korey is looking for skilled, fun-loving, enthu­si­astic nurses! Camp Korey is a sleep-over camp in Carna­tion, Washington that runs week long programs for children with life-altering medical condi­tions. Our goal is to provide a safe and supportive environ­ment where chron­i­cally ill children can have a fun summer camp experi­ence. At Camp Korey, every camper is seen as a child, not as a patient. We could not exist without the time and energy of our medical volun­teers, and we hope you will join us for a fun-filled, rewarding experi­ence! www​.campkorey​.org

Washington Healthcare Access Alliance #

Washington Health­care Access Alliance is a private, nonprofit organi­za­tion estab­lished to support free and chari­table clinic care to uninsured and under­in­sured people through the use of volun­teer health profes­sionals, commu­nity volun­teers and partner­ships with other health providers. We expand access to health­care through educa­tion, legisla­tive advocacy, technical assis­tance, and profes­sional networking. There are 49 known free clinics in Washington state. No two free clinics are alike, and the devel­op­ment of each clinic is guided by the commu­nity to meet identi­fied health care needs using the community’s unique health care assets and resources. www​.wahealth​careac​ces​sal​liance​.org

Northwest Parish Nurse Ministries #

North­west Parish Nurse Ministries educates, networks and nurtures faith commu­nity nurses and health minis­ters as they promote whole­ness through faith commu­ni­ties. https://​faith​com​mu​ni​tynurs​ingnw​.org

PublicHealth​.org #


Seattle/​King County Clinic #

Seattle/​King County Clinic brings together health­care organi­za­tions, civic agencies, non-profits, private businesses and volun­teers from across the State of Washington to produce a giant free health clinic in KeyArena at Seattle Center. The four-day volun­teer-driven clinic provides a full range of free dental, vision and medical care to under­served and vulner­able popula­tions in the region. The next Clinic is sched­uled for September 20 – 23, 2018. www​.seattle​center​.org/skcclinic

News #

Volunteer for Bloodworks NW

Bloodworks NW is a non-profit, regional blood-donation and research organization that utilizes trained nurses to help with post-donation reactions at high schools and colleges.