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What is WSNA PAC?

From the WSNA PAC bylaws:

WSNA PAC is a voluntary, unincorporated non-profit organization of individual nurses and others whose primary concern is the improvement of the nurses’ role in the health care delivery system through the political process. The organization shall be politically non-partisan and shall operate in conformity and compliance with the policies and platforms of the American Nurses Association and the Washington State Nurses Association and in compliance with Washington state campaign financing law in Title 42 RCW.

What does WSNA PAC do?

The mission of the WSNA PAC is to serve as the political voice for nursing in Washington state. WSNA PAC is run by a Board of Trustees who are appointed by the WSNA Board of Directors.

WSNA PAC is the Political Action Committee by which members of WSNA can engage in and support candidates running for office by providing our endorsement and potentially, monetary support. However, WSNA PAC is only strong if its members choose to invest and grow the potential influence it would have on electing people who genuinely support nurses. Please donate today and help grow the voice of nurses influencing policy in Olympia.

Do my dues go to support WSNA PAC or any political contributions?

No, WSNA PAC relies solely on contributions, or donations, to support political candidates who support nurses. Without those contributions or investments from people, the WSNA PAC has no ability to invest in supporting those state legislative candidates who support nurses, or nurses who may want to run for state legislative office. 

Donate TODAY and help grow the voice of nurses in Olympia with key decision makers. By investing in WSNA PAC, you invest in the future of nurses to help create and influence key policy decisions. Monthly or recurring contributions are the most effective way to support WSNA PAC. 

With more than 100,000 nurses in WA State, if just 10% of them gave $5 a month, WSNA PAC would be able to raise $600,000 a year! WE NEED YOU TO INVEST IN NURSES, TOO!

How does WSNA PAC decide who to endorse and support?

As a policy, WSNA PAC only supports state legislative races and a few select statewide races such as Governor and Attorney General. We do NOT weigh in and provide endorsements or support for any national, city or county council races, or other local elections such as issues campaigns or initiatives. The reason is largely due to resources both in terms of administrative and financial ability to support campaigns. While we are trying to grow WSNA PAC it is, in the meantime, on the smaller side and we must allocate our resources to races that have the greatest impact on issues related to nursing in WA state and that is at the state legislative level.

The WSNA PAC Board of Trustees conducts research on and vets candidates pursuing endorsement including, but not limited to their past support of nurses and labor in general (voting records if incumbents), political viability, fundraising capabilities, and their written responses to the WSNA PAC questionnaire that they submit as well as an interview with the candidate and the Trustees. 

What is the process for a legislative candidate to seek WSNA PAC endorsement?

State legislative candidates may fill out this questionnaire and should return it by email to the Political Advocacy Manager, Jessica Hauffe, at jhauffe@wsna.org

Deadlines for submission of the questionnaire vary depending on the election year and events happening around it, but essentially should be prior to the Washington State Labor Council’s semi-annual COPE convention. Please email for specific deadline or other questions.  

Assuming the questionnaire is completed and sent back to us by the deadline, the Trustees and staff will set up and hold an interview with the candidate(s). As a reminder of WSNA PAC policy, we only endorse state legislative races and a few select statewide offices. We do not endorse city or county council races, national or issues related campaigns. Please see policy above for reference.

Who has WSNA PAC endorsed in the past?

WSNA staff contact