Home Health Nurse Killed at Work By Patient’s Grandson

Published by NURSE.ORG on 12/4/22 (Source)

Douglas Brant, 56, a homecare nurse in Spokane, Washington, was shot and killed by his patient’s grandson, Mitchell Chandler, during a homecare visit. Brant was visiting the home that his patient, her husband, and grandson shared. It was Brant’s first visit to the home.

Local media outlets describe Brant as a “once-in-a-lifetime kind of guy” who worked tirelessly for his patients, adding more patients to his already-full schedule, and teaching guitar lessons in his spare time. He even sometimes combined his love of patient care and music at the same time, picking up a guitar and playing for his patients. Brant held the position of treasurer with the Washington State Nurses Association (WSNA) and the organization released a statement saying they are “heartbroken” by the loss.