In echo of China, US medics silenced on coronavirus concerns

Published by NIKKEI ASIAN REVIEW on 4/12/20 (Source)

Some members of Washington State Nurse Association are receiving regular warnings from their employers that they could be disciplined or fired if they talk to the media, Ruth Schubert, the nurse union's communication director, told Nikkei.

"We have been very careful about not letting our members talk to the press because of exactly this fear -- that they will be disciplined or fired," Schubert said.

However, the association recently launched a social media campaign, "#SilenceKills," to encourage nurses to speak up.

"While WSNA is doing everything we can as a union to push forward the concerns of our nurses, it is time to lift the fear of retaliation and allow them to speak up about the very real concerns they are seeing in their hospitals," Schubert said.