Many permanent nursing staff are leaving to become travel nurses, leaving staff overwhelmed

Published by KNDU on 10/21/21 (Source)

Many hospital nurses have turned to travel nursing to create their own schedule and make more money but this is leaving permanent staff overwhelmed with work and no incentive for staying.

"There's no incentives for people with many years of experience who've been working there to continue working." said Julia Barcott, ICU Nurse at Toppenish Hospital.

While staffing in hospitals has been an issues for a while now, many nursing staff throughout the U.S. have decided to quit their job as a permanent nursing staff in a hospital and hit the road.

"You can hire travelers which is wonderful during a pandemic but they make 6 to 8 times what a core staff nurse makes plus they often get sign on bonuses as well and they're here from anywhere from 9 to 13 weeks." said Barcott.

But this is leaving staff feeling overwhelmed and over worked wanting an incentive to stay just like new nursing staff get.