More nurses face burnout as COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates nursing shortage

Published by KOMO on 5/11/21 (Source)

“I think the shortage is very serious," said Lynnette Vehrs with the Washington State Nurses Association. "I know of some colleagues, some members in the association that have had to step away from ICU, nursing or nursing all together because it just was not what they wanted. So, it’s something we need to pay attention to."

“There is a lot of trauma," said Jane Hopkins with SEIU Health Care 1199 Northwest, a health care union that includes as many as 16,000 nurses. "People are tired."

Nurses have been asked to do more now than ever before. Others said the pandemic is taking them away from caring for patients who need help with other services.

“A lot of us are working on the front lines giving shots and doing testing so that pulls away a little bit too,” Vehrs said.