Washington health care unions demand coronavirus hazard pay for workers

Published by KREM 2 on 4/8/20 (Source)

Several Washington unions representing nurses and other health care workers have joined together to demand hazard pay for those on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Washington State Nurses Association issued a statement on Wednesday night:

"Nurses and other health care workers are using and re-using protective equipment under crisis guidelines that would never be acceptable in normal circumstances. And yet, they are still showing up, without adequate N95s, surgical masks or face shields. They are using and reusing protective equipment in ways that put them at risk far above and beyond the infectious disease care they trained for and provided before the coronavirus pandemic. That is the heroism and dedication we are seeking to recognize through hazard pay for our workers on the frontlines. Hazard pay cannot replace adequate supplies and proper use, but would recognize that our health care workers on the frontlines are facing down a dangerous situation every time they go to work.”