Board set to vote Thursday on Lutz

The two unions repre­senting the vast majority of workers at SRHD also released and sent a letter to Clark and the board members on Tuesday. Profes­sional and Technical Employees Local 17 and the Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion leaders said their members do not under­stand the Board’s decision to ask for Lutz’s resig­na­tion, calling for a public meeting to under­stand Clark’s actions.

We need a unified leader­ship team at SRHD, especially going into the winter months when the COVID-19 crisis is expected to become much worse. Dr. Lutz greatly contributes to that unified team, and we stand behind his excel­lent leader­ship,” the union letter says.

We urge the Spokane Regional Health District Admin­is­trator, Amelia Clark, and the Board of Health to recon­sider their decision, and carefully evaluate the far-reaching reper­cus­sions of forcing Dr. Lutz out of his position. Public health staff need strong leader­ship right now, and we firmly believe we have that in Dr. Lutz.”

LEWISTON TRIBUNE: Board set to vote Thursday on Lutz (11/3/20)