Nurses ask for community help in battling COVID-19

Published by KNDU on 11/18/20 (Source)

TRI-CITIES, WA- As COVID-19 cases rise across Washington state in another wave of the coronavirus. Hospitals around the area are also seeing the increase and nurses on the frontlines are now asking for the community's help in stopping the spread.

Ryan Rosenkranz, BSN, RN, a local ICU nurse, and nurse organizer for the Washington State Nurse's Association has been helping fight COVID-19 for nine months.

"We are seeing it over, over again and it's frustrating because we've seen our numbers go down and now they are back on the rise," Rosenkranz said. "We are tired. Nurses are tired. We are running out of steam, we've been doing this for 9 months we're as exhausted and frustrated as the rest of the community."