Where Do Your Dues Go

A portion of your dues go to your district. This amount varies according to the district you are in. Of the remaining amount, 76% goes to WSNA and 24% goes to the American Nurses Association and to AFT Healthcare (union members only). In addition, 8% of a union member's dues goes to their local unit and the Cabinet on Economic & General Welfare (4% each). 

How the WSNA portion of your dues is used

The WSNA portion of dues is used to fund a wide variety of activities, including but not limited to:

Administration, governance and support services 7%

  • WSNA President and Board of Directors meetings and related expenses
  • Official representatives to ANA and AFT meetings
  • Nominations/search, bylaws and finance committees and board task forces
  • Districts, presidents meetings
  • Nursing and health care coalitions
  • Staff

Labor relations and organizing 56%

  • Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare (E&GW)
  • Local Unit Council and local unit support
  • Local unit contract administration and negotiations
  • Legal expenses, grievances and arbitrations
  • Local unit leadership training and education
  • Organizing and contract campaigns
  • Staff

Government relations 6%

  • Legislative lobbying and representation at state regulatory agencies
  • Legislative and Health Policy Council meetings
  • Legislative and policy development
  • Nurse Legislative Day and Legislative Advocacy Boot Camp
  • Coalitions with other groups
  • Administrative support for WSNA-PAC (no campaign contributions come from dues)
  • Staff and contract lobbyists

Nursing practice and education 4%

  • Consultation on practice issues
  • Continuing education classes for nursing groups and local units
  • Work with nursing commission and related regulatory agencies
  • Professional Nursing and Health Care Council
  • ANCC-approved accreditation and provider unit
  • Staff

Public relations and membership 6%

  • ‘The Washington Nurse’ magazine
  • Website and social media
  • Communications and media relations
  • Member benefits program
  • Membership records and billing
  • Membership recruitment and retention
  • Telephone consultation
  • Staff

Business, accounting and data processing 15%

  • Computers, copiers and office equipment
  • Furniture, equipment and leases
  • Office operations and supplies
  • Website
  • Staff

Occupancy and insurance 3%

  • Headquarters rent and storage
  • Insurance and taxes

Biennial convention 1%

  • General Assembly business meetings
  • Speakers and awards
  • Convention marketing and promotion
  • Biennial WSNA elections

Other expenses 2%