Great news: 100% of the WSNA-PAC endorsed candidates won their elections this year. 

Voter turnout as currently reported was very low statewide with 23.74% turnout. Information regarding voter turnout among WSNA nurses is not yet available; however, we are historically higher than the average.

Exit polls, according to a report from AFT president Randi Weingarten today, indicate that turnout issues that propelled voters to the polls were the attacks on health care and gun violence. AFT also reported that women and millennial voters turned out in droves nationwide.

WSNA-PAC Get Out the Vote (GOTV) efforts included the “communication sandwich” in the 45th legislative district, where the race was anticipated to be close and where WSNA nurses voting patterns reflect that of the district – swing voters. In other districts WSNA-PAC mailed post cards.

In all GOTV efforts, WSNA-PAC focused on high-quality interactions, making live phone calls and sending hand-written post cards rather than robo calls and pre-printed messages, as many other campaigns use. Over 900 nurses received personalized messages from other nurses. Additionally, this year, the photos on the post cards featured nurses who lived in the corresponding districts where we endorsed, standing alongside the endorsed candidates and featuring the message “WSNA Nurses stand with Manka Dhingra” (or whoever the respective candidate was.) Additionally, social media was utilized with timely and effective Facebook posts. 

Additionally, this year WSNA ran a phone bank in the 45th district where nurses called all the WSNA nurses who live in the district. Calls were also made the night before general elections.

Here are the general election results of our legislative races, with our endorsed candidates are marked with a star.

RaceCandidatePartyVotes% of Total Votes
Legislative District 7 - State SenatorShelly ShortR1723668.24
Legislative District 7 - State SenatorKaren HardyD802331.76
Legislative District 7 - State Representative Pos. 1Jacquelin MaycumberR1696367.41
Legislative District 7 - State Representative Pos. 1Susan SwansonD820032.59
Legislative District 31 - State Senator* Phil FortunatoR1045057.12
Legislative District 31 - State SenatorMichelle RylandsD784642.88
Legislative District 31 - State Representative Pos. 2Morgan IrwinR1033657.36
Legislative District 31 - State Representative Pos. 2Nate LowryD768342.64
Legislative District 37 - State Senator* Rebecca Saldana (unopposed)D16580100
Legislative District 45 - State Senator* Manka DhingraD1711255.45
Legislative District 45 - State SenatorJinyoung Lee EnglundR1374944.55
Legislative District 48 - State Senator* Patty KudererD1324368.53
Legislative District 48 - State SenatorMichelle DarnellL608231.47
Legislative District 48 - State Representative Pos. 1* Vandana SlatterD1390873.39
Legislative District 48 - State Representative Pos. 1Ciaran DoughertyL504326.61