Nominate an outstanding nurse for a 2019 Recognition Award

Do you know a nurse who deserves to be celebrated for her or his excep­tional contri­bu­tions to the profes­sion of nursing? Nominate them for a 2019 Recog­ni­tion Award!

The WSNA and Profes­sional Nursing and Health Care Council awards recog­nize WSNA members who have made signif­i­cant contri­bu­tions in nursing practice, leader­ship, educa­tion and research. These awards will be presented at a banquet celebra­tion on May 2, 2019 in conjunc­tion with the Washington State Nurses Conven­tion, being held in May 1 – 3 at the Tulalip Resort.

Nomina­tions must be accom­pa­nied with a narra­tive from the nominator, listing the nominee’s creden­tials and achieve­ments, and a copy of the nominee’s curriculum vitae/​resume.

See the detailed list of criteria for each award and complete the nomina­tion form.

WSNA Award Categories #

Honorary Recognition Award #

For signif­i­cant contri­bu­tions, distin­guished service or valuable assis­tance to the nursing profession.

The nominee must be a WSNA member who has actively contributed by serving in an elected or appointed office or has been a consumer advocate and/​or inter­preted the role of nursing to consumers.

2017 Award recip­ient: Jennifer Graves, RN, MS, Vice Presi­dent for Patient Safety and Quality Opera­tions, Washington State Hospital Association.

Marguerite Cobb Public Health / Community Health Nurse Award #

For outstanding profes­sional contri­bu­tions to public health or commu­nity health, as well as calling these achieve­ments to the atten­tion of members of the profes­sion and/​or general public.

The nominee must be a current and active WSNA member or have been a WSNA member during the years of service for which this award is given and must have made a signif­i­cant contri­bu­tion and have shown leader­ship in the field.

2017 Award recip­ient: David Reyes, MPH, RN, DNP, APHN-BC, Assis­tant Professor, Nursing & Health­care Leader­ship, Univer­sity of Washington Tacoma.

Joanna Boatman Staff Nurse Leadership Award #

This award for leader­ship was estab­lished in 1995 in recog­ni­tion of Joanna Boatman’s signif­i­cant contri­bu­tions to the advance­ment of staff nurses and her achieve­ments in improving the economic and general welfare of nurses in the State of Washington.

The nominee must currently be employed as a staff nurse and must have made a signif­i­cant contri­bu­tion (at the local or state level) to the advance­ment of staff nurses or in the economic and general welfare area of nursing

2017 Award recip­ient: Judi Lyons, RN, staff nurse, Kittitas Valley Healthcare

ANA Honorary Membership Pin #

Presented to a WSNA member or members in recog­ni­tion of outstanding leader­ship, as well as partic­i­pa­tion in and contri­bu­tions to the purposes of WSNA and ANA.

The nominee must have demon­strated outstanding leader­ship and must have held elected/​appointed state, national or district office.

Community Partner Award #

Recog­nizes a commu­nity and/​or consumer partner who has contributed signif­i­cantly to promoting health and a positive image of nurses through advocacy, safety and/​or quality health care improvement.

The nominee has demon­strated interest in profes­sional nursing by contributing in a concrete way to its growth and devel­op­ment and promoting a better under­standing of profes­sional nursing in the community.

2017 Award recip­ient: Adam Davis, RN, DNP and Mitch Snyder, Division Chief for the FD CARES program

Professional Nursing and Health Care Council Awards #

Excellence in Practice Award #

Recog­nizing excel­lence in practice in the direct care of patients/​clients.

The nominee demon­strates an evidence-based contri­bu­tion or achieve­ment that positively impacts patients and the advance­ment of nursing practice. The nominee also leads through effec­tive collab­o­ra­tion with stake­holders and colleagues.

2017 Award recip­ient: Lynn Nelson, MSN, RN, NCSN, Director of Student Support and Health Services, Educa­tional Service District #113

Leadership and Management Award #

Recog­nizing excel­lence in nursing leader­ship and management.

The nominee promotes the profes­sional devel­op­ment of nurses and facil­i­tates excel­lence in clinical practice. With progres­sive leader­ship, she or he fosters a care environ­ment that promotes creativity and enhances quality of care in a safe, supportive and profes­sional working environment.

2017 Award recip­ient: Susan Manfredi, DNP, MBA, RN, FACHE, Vice Presi­dent for Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer at UW Medicine North­west Hospital.

Nurse Educator Award #

Recog­nizing excel­lence in nursing education.

The nominee demon­strates excel­lence in nursing educa­tion through evidence-based, innov­a­tive and inspi­ra­tional methods that promote learning and enthusiasm.

2017 Award recip­ient: Lynn Von Schlieder, MN, RN, Director of Nursing Program, Shore­line Commu­nity College

Ethics and Human Rights Award #

Recog­nizing excel­lence in ethics and human rights.

The nominee, through major a contri­bu­tion or achieve­ment, supports ethical and human rights issues in Washington state through partner­ship with communities.

2017 Award recip­ient: Sofia Aragon, JD, BSN, RN, Execu­tive Director, Washington Center for Nursing

Nurse Researcher Award #

Recog­nizing excel­lence in nursing research that addresses practice issues.

The nominee must have conducted research that has relevance to practice and direct practice impli­ca­tions, using sound research proce­dures, with findings dissem­i­nated through publi­ca­tions, presen­ta­tions and/​or conferences.

2017 Award recip­ient: Pamela Mitchell, PhD, RN, FAANP, Execu­tive Associate Dean, Univer­sity of Washington School of Nursing.