Presenting your WSNA-PAC Board

Your WSNA-PAC Board of Trustees (2017 – 2019) has worked hard this election season, inter­viewing candi­dates for office, meeting to evaluate candi­dates and the polit­ical lay of the land, fundraising and reaching out to other nurses to become more polit­i­cally educated and involved. But their work extends far beyond elections; your Board also ran rapid-response teams during the legisla­tive session, working to involve other nurses in advocating for WSNA’s priorities.

Your WSNA-PAC Board is a power­house of polit­ical action for nurses and patients.

WSNA-PAC bylaws allow for 12 trustees, ideally including one for each of the Washington’s 10 congres­sional districts and two at-large members. Currently, the WSNA-PAC has seven trustees and seeks polit­i­cally passionate WSNA nurses to apply to join! WSNA is seeking a diverse board that reflects the range of polit­ical views held by WSNA members.

Many nurses wonder if they are knowl­edge­able enough.” Don’t worry! We provide educa­tion and training for all trustees who desire more infor­ma­tion on the polit­ical process.

The WSNA-PAC meets quarterly in person and more frequently via telephone meetings during active times such as election season.

Ingrid Anderson, BSN, RN #

Pac Ingrid Anderson Optimized

WSNA-PAC Board of Trustees Vice Chair
2nd Congres­sional District

Ingrid Anderson works in the Emergency Depart­ment at Overlake Hospital Medical Center. She special­izes as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) and is currently enrolled at Gonzaga Univer­sity in the distance Psychi­atric Nurse Practi­tioner program.

I am devoted to improving my commu­nity at work as well as through volun­teering in my free time. I serve as the Vice Chair of the WSNA-PAC Board with other esteemed nurses who volun­teer to make changes to improve working condi­tions for nurses, as well as making safer environ­ments for patients. I am driven to promote nurses through legis­la­tion, educa­tion and mentoring. I am always open to talk to any nurse or aspiring nurse on how we can better serve our commu­ni­ties and make our voices heard. I feel honored to serve all the people of Washington state through these commitments.

I serve on the PAC Board so I can give a voice to nurses. Many people are overwhelmed by politics – this gives me a tool to imple­ment real change. I don’t want to just hope change happens; I want to make change happen. I can have a signif­i­cant impact on how we deliver care at the bedside by volun­teering with WSNA! Nurses are brilliant at problem solving. If we all brought our ideas to the table, we could trans­form health care as we know it!”

Amy Boultinghouse, BSN, RN #

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WSNA-PAC Board Trustee
3rd Congres­sional District

Amy Boult­ing­house is a 35-year resident of Cowlitz County, currently living on a small farm in Castle Rock. She works in an ambula­tory care unit at Peace­Health St. John Medical Center in Longview, primarily in endoscopy. She is also part-time nursing faculty at Lower Columbia College.

I have found being an active member with WSNA has provided me with many learning oppor­tu­ni­ties. These include practice-based educa­tion, personal growth through leader­ship roles, as well as engaging with state legis­la­tors and enhancing my aware­ness of the impact that activism plays in promoting nursing initiatives.”

John Gustafson, BA, RN, CMSRN #

Pac John Gustafson Optimized

WSNA-PAC Board Trustee
6th Congres­sional District

John Gustafson works at St. Joseph Medical Center in Tacoma, where he serves as co-chair of the Staffing Committee and as a WSNA Griev­ance Officer. He is also a member of the WSNA Cabinet on Economic and General Welfare, which guides the association’s labor program.

There are many oppor­tu­ni­ties to improve the care a patient receives. As a volun­teer, the Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion has afforded me the oppor­tu­nity to lean in to the maximum. I have loved attending Nurse Legisla­tive Day and meeting with our state legis­la­tors regarding issues that matter to nurses, like safe staffing.

For the price of my daily latte habit, I decided instead to donate to the WSNA-PAC, because nurses’ issues are worthy of my full support and atten­tion. I grew up in the 1960s and my favorite quote by Presi­dent Kennedy is, One person can make a differ­ence and every person should try.’”

Jan Bussert, BSN, RN #

Jan Bussert Headshot Optimized

WSNA Board Presi­dent
WSNA-PAC Board Trustee
7th Congres­sional District

Jan Bussert has served as the presi­dent of WSNA since 2015. Prior to retire­ment, she practiced nursing in Psych, Long Term Care, PACU, Critical Care, Cardiac Rehab and Ambula­tory Care. Past elected offices include WSNA Presi­dent 1997 – 2001 and ANA Board of Direc­tors 2000 – 2003. She joined the WSNA staff from 2007 to 2014, taking on the role of Nurse Organizer.

Advocating for patient and nurse safety through the legisla­tive process has been a rewarding experi­ence. It makes a differ­ence when we tell our stories about our day, our fatigue, our concerns about our patients when we know we have not had the time to give them every­thing they needed. I have seen the minds of legis­la­tors change after one story. Partic­i­pating on the WSNA-PAC Board of Trustees has given me the oppor­tu­nity to actively engage in this process. We support the candi­dates and legis­la­tors who support our patient advocacy issues. The rewards are great when we can influ­ence the legisla­tive process and bring about a positive change in our practice environment.”

Chris Birchem, RN #

Pac Chris Birchem Optimized

WSNA-PAC Board of Trustees Chair
8th Congres­sional District

Chris Birchem is a staff nurse in the Ortho­pedic unit at Overlake Hospital Medical Center, where he serves as a WSNA Unit Repre­sen­ta­tive. In addition to serving as the Chair of the WSNA-PAC Board, he is also Vice Presi­dent of the Washington Center for Nursing Board of Directors.

In order to effec­tively advocate on behalf our patients, their families, as well as the nursing profes­sion, RNs must unite together to loudly voice concerns where changes are most realis­ti­cally going to occur – that being in legis­la­tion. By supporting the WSNA-PAC, partic­i­pating on the PAC Board and becoming polit­i­cally active, I take immense pride that I’m actively committed to making these changes a reality.

Please remember, Union begins with U” and we can’t Unite without U” – Be polit­i­cally active, support your WSNA-PAC and make your voice heard!”

Hilke Faber, MN, RN #

Pac Hilke Faber Optimized

WSNA-PAC Board Trustee
9th Congres­sional District

Hilke Faber was inducted into the WSNA Nursing Hall of Fame in 2018. Her nursing achieve­ments include assisting with passage of the expanded Washington State Nurse Practice Act in 1973, serving as Seattle-King County’s first appointed Nursing Home Ombudsman and founding the nonprofit Washington State Resident Councils. She served on staff at WSNA as educa­tion program specialist from 2004 to 2015.

The oppor­tu­nity to serve on the WSNA-PAC Board provides a wonderful face-to-face experi­ence to meet the candi­dates running for state-level office and to learn about their positions on our critical issues affecting the quality of nursing care and the overall health care delivery system. Candi­date inter­views are a time when we as nurses can person­ally inform and influ­ence a candidate’s thinking about nursing and health care. A WSNA endorse­ment is highly valued by candi­dates as nurses are consid­ered the most trusted profession.”

Judi Lyons, RN #

Pac Judi Lyons Optimized

WSNA-PAC Board Trustee
Trustee At Large

Judi Lyons works in the surgery depart­ment at Kittitas Valley Health­care, where she serves as Local Unit secre­tary. She is also presi­dent of the WSNA Kittitas County District. A member of WSNA for more than 40 years, she has served on many cabinets, commit­tees and boards at both the state and national level. She served as WSNA presi­dent 1993 – 1997.

As past Presi­dent of WSNA, I saw the impor­tance of polit­ical activism. The WSNA-PAC does just that. We have a process to reach out to all candi­dates who file with the Secre­tary of State to run for the state legis­la­ture or statewide office. We ask them about nursing issues and prior­i­ties. We engage them in deeper conver­sa­tions about their backgrounds, experi­ences and prior­i­ties. The WSNA-PAC evalu­ates each candi­date, makes decisions on who to endorse and supports those who will go to Olympia and advocate for nurses and patients.

It is impor­tant to be polit­i­cally involved because every vote counts. It is the way to have your voice heard.”

The 1st, 4th, 5th and 10th congres­sional district positions are currently open.