WSNA in Olympia: 2021 Legislative Session Week 8

In this week’s update:

  • Week 8 Recap
  • Spokane Op-Ed Highlights Need for School Nurse Funding
  • Anti-Retal­i­a­tion Bill and Worker Protec­tion Act Pass the House
  • Public Health Listening Session March 11
  • Legis­lator Virtual Town Hall Meetings

Week 8

This was the eighth week of the 2021 legisla­tive session, and the House and Senate have until Tuesday, March 9 to pass policy bills off the floor. After that, passed bills move to the opposite chamber where committee hearings begin. The next cutoff is March 26 when policy bills must be voted out of committee in the opposite chamber.

All floor sessions, including debate and votes on bills, are being aired on TVW. WSNA’s 2021 Legisla­tive Prior­i­ties are avail­able online.

Spokane Op-Ed Highlights Need for School Nurse Funding

This week, the Spokesman Review published an op-ed on school nurse funding, Now more than ever, we need school nurses” by Liz Pray, Presi­dent of SNOW, and Dr. Kristi Rice, Spokane pedia­tri­cian and member of the Washington Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. We are highlighting this piece for the legislature’s fiscal committees.

Anti-Retal­i­a­tion Bill and Worker Protec­tion Act Pass the House

HB 1097, a bill that strengthens our state’s anti-retal­i­a­tion provi­sions, passed the House yesterday with a vote of 53 – 44. This bill is sched­uled for a hearing in the Senate Labor, Commerce & Tribal Affairs Committee on March 10.

HB 1076, the Worker Protec­tion Act, passed the House this evening by a vote of 53 – 44. The bill will now move to the Senate.

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Public Health Listening Session, March 11

A new version of HB 1152 is expected to be voted out of the House soon. While an earlier draft of this new version had included WSNA as a member of the proposed statewide Public Health Advisory Board,” the latest version lists just one position on the board for a statewide associ­a­tion repre­senting Washington hospi­tals, physi­cians, or nurses.” WSNA is contin­uing to advocate for a separate named seat on the Advisory Board that is reflec­tive of our long history of advocacy for public health funding and of our partic­i­pa­tion on the Founda­tion Public Health Services Policy Work Group.

On March 11, we are holding a third listening session for WSNA’s Public Health Nurses that will include the partic­i­pa­tion of the Governor’s Office, Senator June Robinson, and Rep. Marcus Riccelli. If you are a Public Health Nurse in the Whatcom County, Snohomish County, Seattle & King County, Benton Franklin, or Spokane Regional public health agencies, you will be receiving more infor­ma­tion on how to partic­i­pate on Monday, March 9.

Legis­lator Virtual Town Hall Meetings

With the legis­la­ture meeting remotely, this year’s Legis­lator Town Hall meetings will also be held remotely. The House Democ­rats have released their list of Virtual Town Hall meetings and the Senate Democ­rats now have their Virtual Town Hall meetings avail­able on a calendar. Many of these are coming up quickly – and they are listed by date rather than district.

We have not yet seen the House Repub­li­cans or Senate Repub­li­cans full list of Virtual Town Hall meetings; however, many are holding them. If you live in a legisla­tive district with Repub­lican legis­la­tors, you can sign up for their individual legisla­tive electronic newslet­ters to receive infor­ma­tion like this. You can also sign up for the House Repub­lican Caucus newsletter here or the Senate Repub­lican Caucus newsletter here.

    Please look for regular email updates on legisla­tive action as the legisla­tive session gets underway – we look forward to your partic­i­pa­tion in the process!