Our bargaining team met with the employer on Oct. 11 for our first negotiation session

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We presented proposals which include language promoting safe and effective staffing, and a wage increase which is competitive and encourages recruitment and retention. Our next bargaining session is on Tuesday, Oct. 16. It’s time to bust out your WSNA swag – WSNA water bottles, buttons, badge pulls, etc.!

If you or your unit would like to find out how to support your negotiation team, please contact one of us at any time!

In Solidarity,

Clarise Mahler, Chair (CCU); hapilark@gmail.com
Debbie Pronk, Grievance Officer (PACU); dppbee@gmail.com
Jomay Ruiz, Secretary/Treasurer (FMC); ruiz.jomay@gmail.com
Linda Snyder, Membership Officer (7 Silver); lsnyder1@eastern.edu
Val Artamonova, Membership Officer (Home Hospice); valeriya.art@gmail.com
Jessica Taylor – 6 Silver; Neelam Kaur – 4 Silver; Holly Baker – ED; Lexi Overa – ED; Beth Selander – OR; Caine Ballew – Float Pool; Charina Alvarez – PACU; Theresa Blazer – FMC; Kathy Silvas – NICU/Peds; Ryan O’Neill-Hawkins – CCU; Alicia O’Neal - Hospice Care Center; Rebecca Roop-Kharasch – Home Health; and Terri Williams, MS, RN; WSNA Nurse Rep (twilliams@wsna.org)