Newsletter May 2022

Staffing Committee

Staffing continues to be a challenge at PIMC because of the location and lack of resources to pull from when there are call outs or unanticipated absences. (Leadership works very hard to cover those “holes” in the schedule when they know in advance.) But we all have faced challenges with ferry schedules and flight schedules etc. when trying to get to the island. Leadership has reported that all positions are posted both internally and externally however the external website is not very user friendly and a PIMC is not brought to the forefront of anyone searching. Leadership will take this back to corporate to attempt to make PIMC a more attractive work opportunity.

Staffing Concern Forms / ADO

We have heard that people when faced with the ‘same stuff different day’ scenario do not wish to complete a form for every day they are not staffed to matrix. Clinic nurses had discussed doing one weekly and including the pertinent information on the dates involved that week that had been adversely affected due to staffing issues. The goal of course is to work collaboratively and reach solutions. However, the form also serves a purpose in protecting your nursing license in that it provides verification that you as the licensed nurse noted the aberrancy and reported it. It is always a good idea to keep a copy archived somewhere for yourself.

Please remember that internal PeaceHealth quality forms are very important to complete but are not discoverable in a court of law.

Conference Committee

Clinic nurses have been inundated with calls coming in from the call center that really are not even related to the work they have to do in the clinic. Examples included someone was transferred to the clinic who wanted to pick up a piece of medical equipment in Sedro Woolley and had a question about that. This overload of calls naturally impacts their ability to perform their regular and expected job functions. However this particular NCC (Nurse Conference Committee) meeting had participation from leadership at PMG who listened carefully and will take some action to alleviate the unnecessary call volume on our clinic nurses.


Challenges remain with finding surgical techs to work cases at PIMC however we understand this is a PeaceHealth organization wide problem. St Joe’s has multiple positions posted for Bellingham. United is fairly well staffed however they are now experiencing increased volume of procedures and surgeries meaning they need to utilize all their resources as well. Discussion was held about what that will mean moving forward and leadership is looking at all their options at this time. At this time, no changes have been made. Know any surgical techs? Send them to PIMC!


So we are gearing up for our contract negotiations! The team has reviewed the articles of interest and are prepared. We will have an additional preparatory meeting with our attorney – Pamela Chandran – and our first date at the table is set for June 9. Mark your calendar!

If you have not already become members of our private Facebook group please consider doing so! You must be approved and it is a private group so postings are not visible to general public. The only criteria for approval is that you must be a WSNA member and you must work at PIMC. Nurses who hold positions at another facility but also a position at PIMC will be permitted to join but you must be employed at PIMC in some capacity (FTE or PD). You will receive updates quicker this way as opposed to my email updates which go through the office workorder process.

In preparation for negotiations, we have worked to secure some WSNA T-shirts for people to wear to show support for the team at the table. More details will come out on how, when and where to get one so stay tuned and watch for that.

Please note: Management watches the engagement closely to see if nurses really are supportive of the officers you have elected to represent you at the table. It speaks VOLUMES to see a sea of blue at work and posted online. It really does make an impact and we welcome all the assistance you can provide.

Contact Julie Bielau at jbielau@yahoo.com for membership to your private Facebook group.

Lastly, we are always looking for assistance or help so if you think you could spare some time to help hand out flyers, talk to co-workers about negotiations or issues at work, hand out t-shirts etc. please contact one of your officers with your home email and cell number and we will get you recruited!

In solidarity,
Melissa Aylward BSN, RN, CNOR – Local Unit Chair
Larry Wall BSN, RN, CEN - Local Unit Co-Chair
Elizabeth Schaltenbrand BSN, RN, CMSRN – Local Unit Secretary
Julie Bielau RN – Local Unit Treasurer
Zanna Cochran RN – Local Unit Grievance Officer
Auralee Jameson BSN, RN – Local Unit Grievance Officer

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Sue Dunlap at sdunlap@wsna.org.