Time-rounding proposed changes to overtime practices

WSNA was notified that PeaceHealth intends to change the way they round time in the MyTime Kronos system. Currently, clocking in or out within a seven-minute window is “rounded” to the nearest quarter hour mark. They are proposing to change this practice to paying for every minute worked. This is a practice we are seeing across the state. However, in addition to that change, PeaceHealth proposed to change the way they calculate overtime when you work a consecutive weekend shift and are wanting to stop paying time and a half on your shift differential time for extra shifts picked up. This would be a huge change to the long-standing practice. Any subjects regarding hours, wages, or working conditions are mandatory subjects of bargaining. Therefore, WSNA demanded to bargain and met yesterday, March 7, 2023, with PeaceHealth leadership and attorney. Nurses, and representatives for all Washington state PeaceHealth hospitals were represented as well to advocate for all of you.

Many of the changes they are proposing will come out of our nurse's pockets. Management wants these changes. At a time when nurses are doing everything they can to work extra hours while being short-staffed, it is baffling that they want to change how they calculate OT and take away more incentives for you to work extra. It was disappointing to note leadership’s dismissive and apparent lack of comprehension of the work you all do and the processes you all currently follow. They didn’t seem to understand the logistics of where the time clocks are and the length of time it takes to log in to the computer, were dismissive of our concerns and didn’t fully comprehend the impacts of these changes.

We are scheduled to negotiate again on March 23 and will provide an update following those negotiations. In the meantime, please do not change your practice but continue to clock in and out as you have been doing to date. Stay tuned for updates and watch on social media as well! Also please double check your paystubs as the contract is clear that these extra shifts that are eligible for time and a half pay are to be paid at your REGULAR rate of pay which does include your extra premiums and shift differentials. If you are not receiving that please let me know ASAP!

Huge shout out to Chris Wachholz and Zanna Cochran who represented you all exceptionally yesterday at the negotiations table!

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Sue Dunlap at sdunlap@wsna.org.