Preceptor Pay Issues and Coffee Time

Recently issues regarding preceptor pay, and other issues in the peri-op units have come to our attention. Nurses who have been precepting new hire nurses have not been receiving preceptor pay. Hospital management has let us know that they will not be paying nurse preceptor pay for precepting new hire nurses, only if precepting students and residents.

We believe this to be a violation of the contract, and we have initiated a grievance. In the meantime, we want to let St. Clare management know why it is vital to provide high quality precepting for new nurses and to pay nurses for doing so. Please share with us your stories of how being a preceptor for new hires or being precepted as a new hire has led to positive outcomes for you, your patients, or your unit. Together we can fight back against St. Clare and ensure they honor your collective bargaining agreement.

In lighter news, the local unit officers will be hosting coffee time at the hospital coffee stand from 1100-1300 on Friday December 8. Come by to say hello and get some free coffee!  Remember YOU are the union, and our strength comes from our solidarity.

In Solidarity,

Clair Korrell, Co-Chair 
Devon Tallman, Co-Chair 
Nicole Ward, Co-Secretary 
Jessica Cook, Co-Secretary 
Nicole Sandell, Treasurer 
Brandi Poggemann, Grievance Officer 
Tanya Klippert, Membership Officer

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Jared Richardson, BSN, RN, at jrichardson@wsna.org.