NICU RNs have their first contract

Ratification pic

After MultiCare transferred the license for the NICU beds from Tacoma General to Mary Bridge, the 150 NICU nurses became Mary Bridge employees and their own WSNA bargaining unit. Last night, they ratified their first contract which has the same expiration date as ours – December 31, 2025. Fall 2025 is going to be hot at 315 MLK! Let’s congratulate the NICU nurses and remember – we remain WSNA Strong together!

PS – the NICU per diem nurses just filed for election to join the NICU nurses’ bargaining unit! No reason TG per diems couldn’t do the same. #strongertogether

If you have questions, please contact WSNA Nurse Representative Brenda Balogh at bbalogh@wsna.org.