The contract has been ratified!

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WSNA member volunteers Christina Nicholson and Andy Nelson counted the votes last night and the results were a resounding YES. The new contract has been ratified!

We want to thank all of our nurse colleagues who turned out to vote yesterday and show support of this contract.

We know you might have questions about some of the contract provisions so look for a newsletter early next year that addresses those. The contract is in effect Jan. 1, 2020, but will not be available online until all parties have signed, which will be after that date.

Questions, contact WSNA Nurse Representative Sydne James at sjames@wsna.org.

Ally Bure, OR; Charlene Sole, ER; Brenda Bowhay, Mother Baby; Cherie Griffith, Med/Surg; Michelle Stevenson, PCU; Danielle O’Toole, ICU; Liz Leske, Peri-Anesthesia; CJ Johnston, ER; Kayla Dougherty, NICU; Jess Oyler, OR