WSNA demands Tacoma General comply with court order

On Aug. 13, 2018, your representatives on the Nurse Staffing Committee presented a letter to MultiCare making clear that the nurses on the Staffing Committee and WSNA expect MultiCare to comply with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ Order by ceasing all use of the break buddy system and beginning to use break relief nurses in every department of the hospital. If MultiCare continues to ignore the Court’s order, it risks being found in contempt of court. The letter was sent on the same day the parties met for Staffing Committee.

It’s been almost three years since an Arbitrator ordered TG to stop using the break buddy system and to begin using break relief nurses. For the past three years, TG has ignored that order and instead waged a costly and lengthy battle in court trying to undo the Arbitrator’s Award.

You can read a copy of the letter WSNA sent to MultiCare demanding compliance and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision.

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