Changes to MSN/Cert pay and the COVID MOU

During contract negotiations, the MSN and certification pay was increased to $3 for nurses who have both. The intent was also to have nurses receive a $2 premium for only a MSN degree but that was inadvertently not captured. This MOU corrects this issue. If you only have an MSN without a certification, you will now receive a $2 differential per hour instead of $1.

The COVID MOU has been slightly modified. The hospital will no longer fill in wages with administrative leave to make up the gap between L & I payment and a nurse’s full salary. You may however, use your sick time and will immediately have access to it without a waiting period. Don’t forget, if you contract COVID and have been working (not on a leave) you are presumed to have contracted COVID at work and should file a L & I claim. You also can no longer donate sick time.

You can find these new MOUs on the local unit web page or by using the direct link below:

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Sara Frey at sfrey@wsna.org.