Negotiation update and current events

WSNA is aware of some recent news reports regarding the financial situation at Whidbey. WSNA understands this is a very concerning, unstable time with a lot of unknowns. Should the hospital enter into bankruptcy, WSNA will ensure that the rights of the nurses are protected under bankruptcy law. In the meantime, we are continuing to work towards a fair contract that will attract and retain quality nursing staff that will contribute significantly to the future success of the hospital. Today, the hospital expressed cautious optimism about the financial viability of the organization.

We, your WSNA bargaining team, have now completed 3 days of bargaining. We have been able to secure some great improvements thus far in the contract including but not limited to; daily overtime for nurses, rest between shift protections that will also apply to call back shifts, time and a half for part time nurses who work on a day off, a float premium, as well as much needed layoff language which serves to establish a fair process in the case of a layoff.

WSNA made a significant wage proposal last session. WSNA believes management needs to bridge the wide gap between Whidbey wages and other area hospitals. Whidbey has been falling further and further behind in recent years. Staffing has reached a critical point where the hospital has been unable to recruit and retain nurses, especially in the OR. These staffing shortages make it difficult for the hospital to provide care to the community and greatly impact its cash flow. It is long-overdue that the hospital prioritizes investing in the heart of the organization, its nurses. Today, management passed their wage proposal and it fell short of bridging that gap. WSNA did pass a counter proposal prior to the end of today’s session. We are hopeful the recent changes in leadership and the passage of the levy will allow them to make commitments that will help lead the hospital, with this help of its nurses, into a strong future.

We also reached agreement on an MOU to allow for PTO donations for your negotiations team. They are representing you on their own time. Negotiations start well before we meet with management and your team has already put in dozens of hours. Thank you for your consideration of this topic. Please see the MOU. You may also download the form. Please consider donating to your team.

In solidarity,

Gwen Parrick, Local Unit Chair, Hospice Care
Rebecca Pina, Co-chair, Walk-in clinic Oak Harbor
Luka Cobb, Secretary/​Treasurer, Hospice
Laura Black, Griev­ance Officer, MS
Ann Bell, PACU
Dori Painter, PACU
Louisa Dizon, ER

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Representative Sara Frey at sfrey@wsna.org.