Due to the nature of our work, we are among the people most likely to contract the coron­avirus. Along with our coworkers and the first respon­ders, we are the front­line for healthcare.

As your elected WSNA Officers, our top priority is to keep all nurses informed and safe, especially during this COVID-19 crisis. There are four critical actions we need to take to see the changes we all deserve.

  • Fill out the ADO/​Staffing Complaint form
  • Commu­ni­cate with us
  • Visit the WSNA​.org/COVID-19 page
  • Sign the COVID-19 Petition

The ADO/​Staffing Complaint form is the best tool to document unsafe working condi­tions such as staffing. But, it is also used for numerous other reasons. For example — nurses across the state are being asked to reuse PPE or are not provided adequate PPE. Every time this happens you should submit an ADO. Remember – if you didn’t chart it, it didn’t happen. The ADO is the charting. An ADO is also discov­er­able in court and provides the documen­ta­tion that the nurses identi­fied and brought the safety concerns to the manager’s atten­tion. WSNA has filed numerous complaints with the DOSH (Depart­ment of Occupa­tional Safety and Health) resulting in active inves­ti­ga­tions all because the nurses completed these forms. The ADO can be easily filled out online in minutes and all the nurses on the unit can add their name. If a manager tells you not to fill out a form, or discour­ages you from filling out a form, you need to let us know as it may be seen an Unfair Labor Practice.

We need to hear from you. We want to hear from you. It is our passion to make Whidbey­Health the hospital we can all be proud of again, but we can’t do it without your input. If there was ever a time to stand UNITED it is now, and our union is the best resource to make that change. Talk to us when we round your unit, answer our emails or texts when we check on you. Our WSNA Organizer, Will Nesper and Nurse Rep, Terri Williams are avail­able too.

WSNA is working relent­lessly with the governor’s office and state agencies to provide accurate and current resources for the nurses. Issues regarding every­thing from revised PPE guide­lines, finding child­care, hazard pay, refusing dangerous assign­ments, unpaid leave if exposed, and many more. Most of your questions are answered at the links below, but there are new questions daily. Ask and WSNA will do the research.

Please visit:



Lastly, there is a statewide petition demanding safe working condi­tions for nurses and health­care workers. Sign it and share it widely

Take care of yourself while you struggle to meet all your family, work and other commit­ments. Remember how awesome you are and how impactful we are to the well-being of so many others.

In Solidarity,

Gwen Parrick, BSN, RN; Chair rsgsparr@​whidbey.​com
Jeremy Aaron, BSN, RN; Griev­ance Officer jaaron575@​gmail.​com
Laura Black, RN; Griev­ance Officer tomnlaura@​hotmail.​com
Luka MacKay, BSN, RN; Secretary/​Treasurer lukamackay@​gmail.​com