Bankruptcy Court Notices

You have likely received a notice from Astria related to bankruptcy proceed­ings. Astria is required to provide this notice to all parties with poten­tial claims before the Bankruptcy Court. The notice informs you of a July 22 deadline to file any claims for debts accrued after the May 6, 2019 petition for bankruptcy (post-petition). Such claims include PTO or vacation accrued post-petition. Please know that WSNA has already filed claims on behalf of all repre­sented nurses for all PTO or vacation hours accrued. We are not aware of any additional claims and we do not believe any further action is required. If you believe that you have an additional claim against Astria, you or your attorney should file a claim pursuant to the notice provided by Astria.

Status of PTO

ARMC nurses who separated from Astria at the time of the closure of ARMC have already been paid for PTO accrued post- petition and during the 180 days prior to the filing of the petition. Nurses who have separated from other facil­i­ties, or nurses who separated from ARMC during the period between the filing of the petition and the closure of ARMC, will receive payment on PTO or vacation hours accrued post-petition and during the 180 days prior to the filing of the petition at the time of the final bankruptcy plan (hopefully in July). All nurses who have separated from Astria will receive payment for PTO accrued prior to November of 2018 in accor­dance with the final bankruptcy plan approved by the Bankruptcy Court. These debts are called gener­ally unsecured debts.” As part of the final bankruptcy plan, those who are owed gener­ally unsecured debts will receive a portion of the remaining funds after all other debts are satis­fied. Unfor­tu­nately, WSNA has no way to impact this process.

Those nurses still employed by Astria, including those nurses who were rehired at Sunny­side or Toppenish following the closure of ARMC, still have your PTO or vacation hours in your banks. Those hours are avail­able for use in accor­dance with the provi­sions of our collec­tive bargaining agree­ments.

401K Griev­ance update

Astria has currently postponed their matching 401K funds. We have filed a griev­ance and were in the process of sched­uling the step 1 meeting with HR. We have been told that Eric Davis is no longer with Astria. We are in the process of sched­uling the meeting with the newly appointed HR director.

Questions? Contact WSNA Nurse Repre­sen­ta­tive Jayson Dick at