What's New?

New criteria.

The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) has introduced new criteria for continuing nursing education activities. The new criteria is designed to focus less on learning objectives and more on learning outcomes, i.e. what the learner will be able to do as a result of participating in the educational activity.

Other changes include:

Less documentation.

  • All requirements related to sponsorship are no longer applicable.
  • The Approval statement is no longer required to stand on its own line of text as new methods of advertising require flexibility in placement of the statement.

Objectives are no longer required. Outcomes are the way to go.

Separate  Activity Applicant and Provider Unit Guidelines with better directions, new documents, samples and training will be posted soon so you can familiarize yourself with the new criteria and requirements prior to submitting your next application.


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WSNA-A-CNE Provider Unit and Activity Applicant By-monthly Meeting 
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Hot off the press: December 2016

New for Provider Units the Gap Analysis and  General Education Worksheet have been combined for greater ease for your nurse planners!

The revised guidelines for Provider Units Guidelines 2015 has also been posted based on your feedback for greater ease of use.

New for Individual Activity Applicants the Gap Analysis and  General Education Worksheet have been combined for greater ease! please begin using Jan 3, 2017.

Also if you are making any changes to your currently approved activities there is a new Change Form for your ease to identify the changes and potentially preventing you from having to complete an  entirely new application to maintain your two year approval.

WEBINARS are now posted  Please use new forms as of Aug 29, 2016

 11-07-2016 WSNA-A-CNE Provider Unit and Activity Applicant By-Monthly Meeting

About WSNA's A-CNE Program

WSNA is accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC) which is the American Nurses Association credentialing arm, since 1976. 

WSNA's A-CNE program reviews applications for independent study, faculty directed and provider unit (continuing education organizations/divisions) activities. Applications are reviewed by volunteer nurse peer reviewers to ensure that all ANCC-COA criteria and WSNA A-CNE Guidelines are addressed. The review process is an interactive, dynamic exchange between the applicant and the reviewer of the activity and/or provider unit application related to criteria compliance. 

In 2015, the WSNA board of directors approved a name change from CEARP to A-CNE, which stands for Approver of Continuing Nursing Education, to better reflect the review process that WSNA uses to assure quality, evidence based educational activities for nursing.

Next steps: Find out more about the benefits, fees, and how to apply.

  • All requested revisions must be received by the designated deadline. To allow sufficient time for a careful review of the application and to receive any additional material needed to comply with the criteria, the WSNA A-CNE Committee has set a time period of 45 days for the review and approval of all Faculty Directed and Independent Study applications. A 90-day time period is allowed for Provider Unit applications.
  • Upon completion of the review, the application will be approved, given a conditional approval status or not approved. 
  • Denials can be appealed. 
  • Retroactive approval is not permitted.

The WSNA staff and A-CNE Nurse Peer Reviewers are committed to a successful review and are willing to provide assistance as needed.

Are you interested in joining our outstanding team as a Nurse Peer Reviewer check out the requirements? A-CNE Committee