Muriel Softli

Muriel G. Softli, MPA, MEd, BSN, RN of Seattle received her nursing diploma from Sacramento County Hospital, her Associate Degree from Sacramento Junior College, her Baccalaureate in Nursing Science from the University of Washington School of Nursing, and her Master's Degree in Public Administration and her Master's in Education from Central Washington University and the University of Washington. When Muriel transferred her membership form California State Nurses Association to Washington, she continued to be an involved member of her professional association for over 42 years. She currently is a member of the WSNA Professional Nursing Health Care Council.

Muriel has been a school nurse with the Seattle School District since 1968, providing health services for elementary children in three to five buildings per school years. In each of these schools, she administers the state mandated screenings of vision and hearing to every child and scoliosis screening to grades 5 and 6. Besides caring for ill and injured children, she administers health assessments on new students and those referred for special education. She serves as a consultant in child abuse cases and makes referrals with follow-up to Child Protective Services. Muriel not only provides health education for her students during her daily contact with them, but gives presentations on health related topics in the classroom. Because of her strong commitment to making certain that students learn about nursing early in life and how they might consider nursing as a career, she has held nursing career classes for 5th and 6th graders.

To ensure that each child is adequately immunized, Muriel not only contacts parents regarding immunizations their children need and the available health resources, but she also sponsors evening clinics at school during a time when the all school parent conferences are held.

Muriel is a member of the Student Intervention Team in each of her schools, a group that meets each week to plan interventions for children who are having difficulties in school. She has taught first aid classes for her school staff after hours and on Saturdays. Muriel is one of the elected school nurses from the Seattle School Nurses Association to represent them in the Seattle Education Association's Representative Assembly and as a delegate to the annual conventions of the Washington Education Association and the National Education Association. In 1998, Muriel was one of two individuals invited from the State of Washington to participate at the International Education Organization, which represents educators throughout the world.

Many of Muriel's students, now adults, state that she had a strong influence on their lives. Some, who are now professional nurses, first considered nursing during her career classes.

In June, 1970, Muriel joined the US Air Force Reserve Nurse Corp. She was stationed at McChord Air Force Base and after 26 years, retired as Lieutenant Colonel with many decorations. Her dedication and leadership skills were recognized by her superiors and colleagues and she was promoted early to Chief Nurse for her unit and career advisor for flight nurses. She served overseas during Operation Desert Storm. Muriel was able to influence many minority nurses to make the Air Force a lifelong career. Her overseas work with the military, such as teaching pediatric nursing care and administering measles vaccine, will have lasting value. She is an Associate Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association and holds a life membership in the Air Force Reserve Officers Association.