Janice Ellis

Janice Ellis, PhD, RN received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, with high distinction, from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, her Masters of Nursing from the University of Washington, and her PhD in Nursing (focus on Adult Health) from the University of Texas, Austin.

Janice has been in nursing education at Shoreline Community College for the last 35 of her 43 years in nursing. During those years which she began as a Clinical Instructor, she moved to Professor of Nursing, and finally is currently both the Director of Nursing Education and Assistant Division Chair. There are literally thousands of nurses in this state and across the country and world who have been influenced by her instruction. Throughout her career, she has participated actively in nursing organizations and in leadership roles.

She has consistently demonstrated her support for ANA/WSNA/KCNA in her classroom instruction. Every quarter for many years, Jan has invited a WSNA representative into her classroom to speak to students about the professional issues and the benefits of collective bargaining. She has long supported taking the senior nursing students to WSNA Nurse Legislative Day in Olympia to learn about legislative issues and political action and has encouraged both students and faculty to attend WSNA/KCNA activities. She has not only articulated clearly to students the value of the professional organization, but she has also encouraged membership and active participation.

Janice has been key person in improving the success rate for the ESL students in the Shoreline nursing program. She has always expressed a strong commitment to examining barriers to success that exist in our program or in our practice.

Janice was the co-director of a Kellogg Foundation Grant “Community College-Nursing Home Partnership” whose purpose was to improve the care of the elderly through education. This program involved teaching faculty how to teach about care of older adults, how to integrate that content into nursing curriculum, and to disseminate that content to nursing home staff. As a result of that grant, Shoreline College has established strong relationships in the long-term care community, and the nursing graduates have a solid foundation in gerontology.

Janice is recognized for her skills in critical thinking, negotiation, and analysis. She can move groups past unproductive interactions while communicating respect for each individual’s viewpoint. She was recognized in 2000 with the Shoreline Community College Faculty Excellence Award.

Janice has been a Commissioner of the National League for Nursing Accreditation program since her election in 2001. As a Commissioner, she has responsibility for accreditation decisions for the 200 programs reviewed each year, as well as accreditation policy and corporate governance matters. She is a very active, articulate advocate for quality in all types of nursing education, and is committed to high standards and integrity in corporate governance. She demonstrates the best qualities of nursing education leadership. She has also served the National League for Nursing, now NLNAC, since 1985. She served on the council of Associate Degree Programs, a predecessor accrediting organization before NLNAC was created in 1997, serving on the Associate Degree Evaluation Review Panel for NLNAC from 1997 until her election to the Commission in 2001. She has been an accreditation site visitor for at least one program yearly for nearly 20 years, a level of service and commitment to nursing education quality that is exemplary.

Since Jan’s promotion to the position of Director of the Shoreline Nursing Program eleven years ago, she has functioned as a leader to her faculty, a mentor for new faculty, a strategist and negotiator within the college, and as a respected member of the discipline in state, local and national nursing organization activities.

To teach is to touch the future. To teach nursing for 35 years is to be a force in molding what nursing will be in the future. Janice Ellis instills in her students high standards for the profession and for themselves as nurses. She communicates a strong respect for the dignity of each individual and the value of a multi-cultural community. She walks the talk. She is a consummate nursing role model and students remember her for "As you are taught, so will you teach." Janice’s influence will continue through her students for many, many years to come.