Barbara Innes, EdD, RN earned a bachelor’s degree from the Univer­sity of Washington, a master’s degree from the Univer­sity of California San Francisco and a doctoral degree from Seattle University.

Barbara has demon­strated excel­lence in nursing in numerous ways. She began her nursing career by serving patients and families in a small commu­nity hospital and later was selected to be a head nurse in a large urban hospital. After she earned her master’s degree she taught under­grad­uate students at the Univer­sity of Washington and later at Seattle Pacific Univer­sity as both the Dean and a faculty member influ­encing hundreds of nursing students who are active in the profes­sion today. She is recog­nized as an excel­lent teacher in the class­room who clearly demon­strates the leader­ship princi­ples she promotes. She has used inter­ac­tive and creative class­room activ­i­ties and assign­ments that have challenged students to strive for excellence.

Barbara was the first nursing faculty member at SPU to develop online course work for nursing students in both the RN to BS and the Nurse Educator Certifi­cate Programs. She provided leader­ship in course devel­op­ment by creating black­board based courses for distance learners, and the Nurse Educator Certifi­cate Program. Her expan­sion of partner­ships and commu­nity-based sites for RN to BS students broad­ened the theoret­ical and clinical exper­tise of nurses returning to earn their bachelor’s degree. She also has brought nursing educa­tion to nurses at their site of employ­ment to facil­i­tate the educa­tional process for working nurses.

Barbara’s member­ship in the Washington State Nurses Associ­a­tion has to date, spanned 42 years. She joined the organi­za­tion in 1963 directly after completing her baccalau­reate degree, and has maintained consis­tent member­ship since that time. During this time, she has been active in the organi­za­tion in a variety of ways including serving as a member of the Head Nurse section when there were occupa­tional groups and chaired the Common Interest and Goals Committee. She attended most, if not all, of the WSNA conven­tions as a delegate until the format changed.

Over the past 26 years, her activ­i­ties have focused primarily on the educa­tional goals of WSNA. She was active on the Contin­uing Educa­tion Recog­ni­tion Program Committee from 1979 – 1982, serving as chair for some of that time, and returned to the renamed Contin­uing Educa­tion Approval and Recog­ni­tion Program Committee later in 1998 – 2003. She was elected to the Cabinet on Nursing Practice and Educa­tion for succeeding terms from 1989 to 1998 and co-chaired the Cabinet from 1994 – 95. She has also served on several task forces including the Task Force on Access to Health Care in Washington and the Task for Devel­op­ment of a position paper on Artic­u­la­tion between Nursing Programs.

She is also a member of the North­west Organi­za­tion for Nurse Execu­tives, the Shore­line Commu­nity College Nursing Advisory Committee, and the Council on Nursing Educa­tors in Washington State Task Force on Nursing Artic­u­la­tion Model.

Barbara has authored numerous journal articles, research studies, and chapters in nursing textbooks that have been used by many students as they began their nursing careers. She has mentored numerous individ­uals to become contributing authors to nursing literature.

She was selected by the nursing faculty of Seattle Pacific Univer­sity to serve as Dean of the School of Health Sciences, and has also served as the Director of the RN to BS program. Barbara has been widely recog­nized on the SPU campus as a master teacher and as such. served on the most presti­gious commit­tees such as the Instruc­tional Devel­op­ment Committee whose purpose it to foster excel­lence in class­room teaching. In addition, she has received recog­ni­tion as a Sigma Theta Tau member and was nominated for the honorary status of Emeritus Faculty at Seattle Pacific University.

She has been a collab­o­ra­tive, creative and positive member of the nursing commu­nity and demon­strated compe­tence, grace and wisdom. Barbara has shared her wealth of knowl­edge with numerous local and state colleagues. In accor­dance with her philo­soph­ical sense of sharing, her contri­bu­tions were always done in a collab­o­ra­tive style, which has greatly enhanced the health and welfare of Washington State residents.

Barbara has taught liter­ally hundreds of under­grad­uate and graduate nursing students during her teaching career and has touched the lives of many students who have gone on to become excel­lent clini­cians, researchers and leaders in nursing the broader community.