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Join the challenge! As the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Grand Challenge continues through 2018, the month of February is dedicated to growing your resiliency and making the time for yourself

The excite­ment of the new year tends to dwindle down by the time February rolls around, but nurses need the resiliency to overcome and maintain the courage to combat distresses such as burnout, compas­sion fatigue, turnover and ill health. Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation challenges you to follow the tips and strate­gies adapted from ANA’s Profes­sional Issues Panel’s Call to Action report, Exploring Moral Resilience Toward a Culture of Ethical Practice.

While you combat the daily moral distresses as a nurse, don’t forget about you! You spend your time taking care of others and we are here to remind you to take care of yourself. Find the time to cater to your needs every day by doing small things that take up little time, but big differences. 

In addition, WSNA is a partner in ANA’s Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Grand Challenge, an initia­tive that connects and engages nurses, employers and organi­za­tions to improve health in physical activity, nutri­tion, rest, quality of life and safety.

Promote yours and your colleagues’ wellbeing by commit­ting to the Healthy Nurse, Healthy Nation Grand Challenge. Visit the ANA website for more tips, articles, webinars and resources to continue pursing your health and wellbeing. Inspire action, culti­vate friendly compe­ti­tion, connect with other nurses and educate the commu­nity of the impor­tance of healthy nurses. Be a part of the change and join the challenge!