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Legislative Session Week 1

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#breaks4nurses Passes House, Advocacy Camp and Upcoming Events

Nursing power was on point during the first week of the 2018 Legislative Session! More than 100 nurses showed up in Olympia for Advocacy Camp and the House passed the Rest Breaks bill the same day. That evening, nurses had the opportunity to mingle and chat with their legislators at WSNA’s Legislative Reception.

In this week’s update:

  • Advocacy Camp & WSNA’s Legislative Reception
  • Rest Breaks Bill passes House!
  • Upcoming events

WSNA’s 2018 Legislative Priorities can be found here.

Advocacy Camp and WSNA’s Legislative Reception

A room full of more than 100 nurses were in Olympia to advocate for #breaks4nurses on Thursday. The room was buzzing as nurses met with their legislators during WSNA’s 7th Annual Legislative Reception.


Earlier in the day, WSNA members and nursing students learned about WSNA’s legislative priorities and engaged in activities to hone their advocacy skills.

We are so appreciative of the many nurses who attended Advocacy Camp and who will serve as leaders at the 2018 Nurse Legislative Day on Jan. 22.

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Thank you to everyone who attended both Advocacy Camp and WSNA’s Legislative Reception!

Rest Breaks Bill passes House on day 4 of Session

While we were in the midst of Advocacy Camp, the House passed HB 1715 which would guarantee uninterrupted meal and rest breaks, and close the mandatory overtime loophole. The bill passed 56 – 42. You can find out how your representatives voted here – just scroll down under “Bill History” to “2018 Regular Session”, find the Jan. 11 date and click on “View Roll Calls”.

Share it on social: Want to post this good news on Facebook or share it on Twitter? Be sure to use the hashtag #breaks4nurses! If your legislators voted for the bill, thank them in your message and tag them in your post.

As the Rest Breaks bill moves over to the Senate for consideration, watch for Action Alerts from WSNA about when to weigh in. Of course, one of the best opportunities to take action is by joining us in Olympia for Nurse Legislative Day and meet with your lawmakers face-to-face!